BARCODES FOR SALE The cheapest & Authorized Barcode store on the planet
CRY LIKE A LIBERAL Featuring a parody of "Every Buck You Make, I'll Be Taxing You"
JEFF BAKER PIANO A resource for Jeff Baker's students with audio and sheet music downloads
JERBIL BOOKS Featuring Baker's first publishing. The book "The Remnant"
JEFFREY REID BAKER It's all about me. It's all about me. It's all about me. It's all about me.
JRB CLASSICS 300 weeks of the greatest classical music. 950 tracks with commentary.
JRB, ETC. Just a whole bunch of stuff chosen or created by me.
JRB GRAPHICS My work in graphic creations including cd covers, posters, restoration, etc.
JRB MUSIC PRODUCTIONS Example of the wide musical-style variety which I have done in 30 years.
JRB RECORDS The complete JRB-CD catalogue with musical examples and links to iTunes.
JRB TUBE All the videos I cannot put on YouTube due to © infringement. A work-around.
ON HOLD RECORDING My service which provides phone answering machines with audio.
ORIGINAL BLACK PRESIDENT A book about Moses Jones - the first black president of the USA. Funny?